550 Bourke Street

550 Bourke Street is the second of the two office buildings at CBW, the major commercial and retail precinct at the corner of Bourke and William Streets, Melbourne. 

550 Bourke Street is a ’boutique’, 19 storey, 25,600 sqm commercial tower.  Like 181 William Street, CBW’s other commercial building; 550 Bourke Street is an A-grade building with premium services designed in accordance with high ESD standards.

The 550 Bourke Street office building has been configured to ensure maximum sun penetration to both the tower’s internal workspaces and the public space below.

Set to the Bourke Street frontage, this building has a distinctive facade incorporating facetted glazing to the lower levels and projecting profiled horizontal aluminium transoms above.  From the north view, the building’s slim profile and curved facade contrasts with the colours of 181 William Street.


550 Bourke Street,
Melbourne, Victoria