28 Jul 2020

Cbus Property releases 2019 Sustainability Report

JULY 2020

Cbus Property has achieved the highest-rated NABERS Energy portfolio in Australia, with an average NABERS rating of 5.5 stars across its commercial office investments, making significant inroads to meeting its Net Zero Carbon by 2030 commitment, according to its 2019 Sustainability Report.

The report demonstrates Cbus Property’s continued commitment to sustainability, with its successful results, such as achieving a GRESB global ranking of second out of 964 other companies, showcasing the business as an industry leader in sustainable property.

Cbus Property’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Pozzo, said 2019 had been an important year for the company, seeing it start to implement its refreshed sustainability strategy and make progress against its long-term vision to create “Better Buildings”, “Invest in People” and be “Future Ready”.

“Sustainability is core to the way we run our business and I am proud to share our achievements and demonstrate our pursuit of leadership in sustainable property design and management,” Mr Pozzo said.

“In 2018, we refreshed our sustainability strategy to further evolve our innovative approach to sustainable design for the years leading to 2030, and to ensure that we are meeting the expectations of our members, partners, customers, communities and investors. During this refresh, we mapped out our sustainability goals for the future – aspirations that place us as a market leader in sustainability.”

Mr Pozzo went on to say that the 2019 Sustainability Report proudly shared Cbus Property’s 12-month progress, demonstrating that the company was actively delivering on its goals and creating tangible value for all of its stakeholders, the broader community and the environment.

“These achievements are just the beginning. As we reflect on our progress to date, we also look forward to exciting new opportunities for the remainder of 2020 and beyond, to further embed sustainability into our business and drive positive change throughout our industry,” he said.

Looking forward, Cbus Property has developed a series of key targets and future milestones to support the integration of sustainability into its business model, and to meet its Net Zero Carbon pledge to the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment.

“This pledge challenges us to reach Net Zero operating emissions in our portfolio by 2030, and reflects our values as a responsible investor, as well as our ambition to encourage change and provide the best sustainable developments into the future,” Mr Pozzo said.

“Although sustainable buildings are part of our DNA, we continue to remain responsive to the changing needs of our members, partners, investors, customers and communities, and our ambitious goals and targets help us to create better buildings that people want to live and work in.”

Cbus Property’s goal for 2020 is to achieve an average 4 Star NABERS Water rating across its core commercial office investments; implement its program to mitigate modern slavery risks within its supply chain; and pursue a Gold WELL rating for all new commercial developments.

In 2021, 2022 and beyond, Cbus Property aims to obtain carbon neutral certification for its commercial office investments; develop a community engagement strategy; and achieve a 5 Star Green Star Performance portfolio rating.

“We are not only committed to improving the sustainability of our own extensive portfolio of commercial office investments, we also will continue to partner with other leading organisations, such as the Green Building Council of Australia, to build a more sustainable future,” Mr Pozzo said.

“Our aspiration is to create one of the highest Green Star- and NABERS-rated commercial office portfolios in Australia, and the recent NABERS Sustainable Portfolios Index first-place ranking for energy is a tremendous step towards this goal.

“Many of Cbus Property’s projects are setting new standards for commercial office buildings, with lighter environmental footprints and a greater focus on tenant health and wellbeing, which translates to higher occupancy rates and increased benefits to tenants, such as employee retention and productivity.”


Cbus Property’s key sustainability highlights at a glance:

  • Commercial Office Portfolio | Highest NABERS Energy-rated portfolio (5.5 Stars) in Australia
  • 50 Flinders Street, Adelaide | First and only building in Australia to have 6 Star NABERS Energy and Indoor Environment Quality ratings
  • 171 Collins Street, Melbourne | First and only building in Australia to be awarded a 6 Star NABERS Waste rating
  • 443 Queen Street, Brisbane | First and only residential development in Australia to achieve a 6 Star Green Star Design & As Built v1.2 Design Review rating
  • 720 Bourke Street, Melbourne | First building in Australia to achieve a Gold WELL rating on an existing building

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