11 Jul 2024

Cbus Property achieves landmark certification from the cleaning accountability framework

JULY 2024

Leading integrated property investor and developer, Cbus Property, is the first building owner in Australia to have each of its office buildings and shopping centres certified by the Cleaning Accountability Framework (CAF).

CAF has certified the 11 investments in Cbus Property’s commercial portfolio – nine offices and two shopping centres – that represent approximately 700,000 square metres of space and employ more than 500 cleaners.

Cbus Property’s Chief Executive Officer, Adrian Pozzo, says the landmark certification was a direct result of the business’ “uncompromising commitment to ethics, governance and sustainability”.

“We aspire to be a world leader in sustainable workplaces and shopping centres – and that includes taking care of all the people who work in our buildings,” Mr Pozzo says.

“Cleaners play an important role in our site teams and the experience of our tenant partners. CAF certification gives us a mechanism to ensure all cleaners across our buildings have access to safe and fair working conditions.”

Established in 2012, CAF works across Australia’s cleaning supply chain to improve working conditions, champion ethical procurement and introduce best practice. CAF’s Building Certification Scheme, launched in 2019, offers an added advantage of being an anti-modern slavery measure.

Multiple stakeholders contributed to Cbus Property’s certification process, including representatives from JLL, Knight Frank, CBRE, GPT, Dexus, Consolidated Property Services, Dimeo, Tradeflex, Assetlink and the United Workers Union.

“Cbus Property’s CAF certification is testament to the collaborative approach of our tenant partners and customers, property management teams, cleaning contractors and their employees,” Mr Pozzo says.

Cbus Property has 11 cleaners deployed as CAF representatives across its commercial office and retail investments.

“This means we can continually engage with our cleaners to identify and rectify issues,” Mr Pozzo says.

One of the issues uncovered during Cbus Property’s certification process was cleaners experiencing heat stress.

“After cleaners spoke up about the difficulty of working in hot temperatures, Cbus Property’s team listened to its cleaners’ distress. Cbus Property did not look away. Instead, its Investment Management team came together with the building manager, cleaning contractor and the union to find collaborative solutions,” CAF Co-Chief Executive Officer, Dr Miriam Thompson, says.

Among the solutions devised, Cbus Property has moved evening shifts so cleaners can complete some tasks while the air-conditioning continues to function. Fans are provided for additional air circulation, uniforms with breathable fabrics have been introduced, and cleaners can access cooled water in building kitchens to prevent dehydration.

CAF has certified close to 60 buildings across Australia, including Cbus Property’s 11 commercial office and retail investments.

“Large property owners have considerable power to affect the working conditions of cleaners in their supply chain. We applaud Cbus Property for driving a ‘race to the top’ and playing a positive role in ensuring cleaners benefit from fair pay, safe and secure work, and a voice in their workplace and supply chain,” Dr Thompson says.

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